Predict and reduce customer churn

Predict which of your customers are most likely to leave, and select which actions you should take to cost-effectively retain them.

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Why Predict Churn

Understand your Customers

When you serve a lot of customers, it can be hard to understand what drives each one of them. One-on-one time with your customers, especially once you start serving many of them, is both expensive and not always possible. Through our machine learning algorithms, we help you to find out the behaviors and intentions of your customers in an analytic way.

Maintain your Customers

Many companies spend significant resources in acquiring new customers, but little on maintaining the customers they have. Through churn prediction, we help you to identifying which customers are most likely to leave, so you can take structured and pointed actions to maintain them.

Spend Money Wisely

Maintaining customers needs to make economical sense: some customers will leave no matter what, while some may be enticed to stay with little to no cost to your company. Our tools help you to find out which actions to direct at which customer to maximize both your return on investment and your return on effort.

Kantify's Approach for Churn Prediction

Kantify builds artificial intelligence powered software which enables you to predict which customer is likely to churn, the reason for this churn, and monitors and proposes the most appropriate action to take for each of these customers. These algorithms work equally well in both a B2B and B2C context.

What you get

  • State of the art machine learning algorithms from a company with a strong track record in customer churn prediction
  • Development of technological roadmap for the integration of the Churn engine in other tools (such as CRM, ERP, ...)
  • Seamless integration of our machine learning algorithms into your existing IT systems, if requested
  • Development of databases and data pipelines to feed your data and external data into our Churn Engine

Why work with Kantify

Forecasts You can Trust

Predicting churn is hard, and making them with high accuracy is even harder and even more important. Kantify has a proven track record to have state of the art accuracy and provides you with forecasts you can trust.

Deep Insights

Our cooperative and analytical approach allows you to get deep insights into the drivers and causes of churn in your organization, and help you to assign the most cost effective actions that will minimize churn.

Seamless integration

Sales and Marketing managers work with a variety of tools and software. To enable easy use of our predictions, we build and maintain the tools that can be easily integrated in your systems through our IT interface (API) and can integrate with your existing CRM Solutions.

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