AI for Healthcare panel at the General Assembly

Kantify was invited at the special panel on AI for Healthcare
Thu 14 Mar 2024

On 13 March 2024, Kantify had the pleasure to join a distinguished panel organised by the Belgian Federation of the biophamraceutical industry ( to shed light on the myriad ways AI is shaping the future of health and medicine. The panel featured Nassim Haddad, Director IT and Head of IT Artificial Intelligence at UCB; Wannes Van Hoof, philosopher and scientific researcher at Sciensano; Prof Pieter Vandervoort, cardiologist at ZOL; Segolene Martin, CEO at Kantify, under the moderation of Karen Crabbé from

A Comprehensive Overview on AI in Healthcare

The discussion led to a broad exploration of AI's role in healthcare. Panelists examined how AI technologies are revolutionizing patient care, predictive analytics, personalized medicine, and operational efficiencies within healthcare institutions.

The Cutting-edge of Drug Discovery with AI

Ségolène Martin's highlighted Kantify's pioneering use of AI in the discovery of new treatments for cancer and rare diseases. Martin showcased how Kantify is leveraging AI to identify first-in-class modulators, accelerating the pace at which new cures are discovered. Beyond the scientific breakthroughs, Martin discussed the emergence of innovative business models in drug discovery and development facilitated by AI, offering a glimpse into the future of pharmaceuticals where AI-driven strategies could significantly reduce time and costs.

Beyond Innovation: Ethics and Trustworthiness in AI

With great power comes great responsibility, a theme that resonated deeply during the panel's discussion on ethics and trust in AI. The conversation underscored the imperative to develop AI in a manner that is ethical, transparent, and aligned with societal values. Establishing trust in AI systems is crucial, especially when these technologies are applied in sensitive areas such as patient care and drug development.

Interdisciplinary Insights

The panel's composition itself was a testament to the interdisciplinary approach required to fully realize AI's potential in healthcare. Insights from Nassim Haddad, Wannes Van Hoof, Prof Pieter Vandervoort and Ségolène Martin enriched the dialogue, highlighting the diverse impacts and considerations of AI across the healthcare spectrum.