Zeptomics is a next generation platform for in silico drug discovery. It accelerates and derisks drug discovery - at scale.
Zeptomics comprises a combination of cutting edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Their performance is several magnitudes better than traditional drug discovery techniques and state of the art computational drug discovery approaches.
Zeptomics is capable to identify likely targets for any disease, and to discover promising compounds for any target, even without a protein 3D structure. Zeptomics focuses on small molecules and targeted protein degraders.
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Target identification

Zeptomics unlocks the bottleneck of target identification. It identifies probable targets involved in a disease and uncover disease pathways. It can predict possible targets involved in a disease amongst 24 000+ human proteins, and can be used to explain Mechanisms of Action.

Hit discovery

Zeptomics can quickly screen billions of molecules to generate a list of safe and potent ligands. Zeptomics has allowed us to consistently achieve a industry-leading hit rates across a variety of both known and novel targets. It can select molecules that can be quickly synthesized so as to have a wet lab validation within weeks.

Adme-tox and side effects

Zeptomics can predict the ADMETox profile of any ligand - across 88 endpoints. It can predict the risk of off-target effects. It decreases the risk of harmful and non drug-like compounds to go undetected.

Targeted protein degraders

Zeptomics accelerates the discovery of potent and safe Targeted Protein Degraders taking into account both linker, ternary structure creation, and a variety of optimization parameters.

Digital health

We have a portfolio of models and solutions to develop tailored AI solutions for digital health. This covers disease prediction and diagnosis, automated biomarker analysis.

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