Presentation at Cafes de L'Innovation

Kantify is invited to present its work on AI for target identification and small molecule prediction at Institut Bordet
Thu 15 Jun 2023

We are excited to share our upcoming participation in the Cafés de l'Innovation event on June 20, 2023. This highly anticipated event will provide us with an opportunity to present Sapian, our innovative drug discovery technology, to a knowledgeable audience. Set to take place at the renowned Institut Jules Bordet, a specialized general hospital and research institute affiliated with the Université libre de Bruxelles and specialized in oncology, this event promises to foster collaboration and drive advancements in the field.

Event Overview: The Cafés de l'Innovation event will bring together experts from various fields, including doctors, researchers, clinicians, drug hunters, solution developers, data scientists, and data managers. The event aims to facilitate knowledge exchange, exploration of new ideas, and collaborative efforts. With a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, this event will encourage professionals to share insights and work together to achieve innovative solutions.

Sapian: Advancing Drug Discovery: We are excited to present Sapian, our cutting-edge drug discovery technology, during the event. Sapian represents a significant advancement in the field, leveraging advanced algorithms and data-driven methodologies to revolutionize the drug discovery process. By harnessing the power of computational analysis and machine learning, Sapian streamlines the identification of therapeutic targets and potential drug candidates, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs.

The Power of Collaboration: Collaboration will play a vital role at the future Cafés de l'Innovation event. The gathering of experts from diverse backgrounds will facilitate productive interactions and foster collaborative efforts. Our participation in this event provides an opportunity to engage with professionals from various domains, exchange insights, and explore potential partnerships. Through collaboration, we aim to drive impactful breakthroughs and accelerate progress in drug discovery.