Kantify at Belgium's Biopharmaceutical Excellence Conference

Kantify shared some of its groundbreaking work at the Conference on the Belgian biopharmaceutical sector organized by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mon 11 Dec 2023

Kantify was proud to testify of its commitment to excellence and innovation at the Conference on the Belgian biopharmaceutical sector: Belgium's Biopharmaceutical Excellence: Navigating the Path Forward, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 8 December 2023 at the Egmont Palace, Brussels.


Belgium has solidified its position as a global hub for biopharmaceutical innovation, drawing substantial investments and top-tier talent to its shores. In the pursuit of strategic excellence, the country keenly considers trade market dynamics, tax considerations, and the crucial nurturing of talent. With a vision to fortify its identity as a "health and biotechnology valley," the Belgian government is committed to capturing an expanded share of global biopharmaceutical industry activities, encompassing research and development, clinical trials, and manufacturing.


Scheduled to shine a spotlight on the Belgian biopharmaceutical sector, the conference entitled "Belgium's Biopharmaceutical Excellence: Navigating the Path Forward" featured two distinct sessions and a dedicated networking zone. The carefully crafted program aimed to stimulate discussions, foster collaboration, and cultivate strategic partnerships. One session underscored Belgium's ongoing commitment to nurturing and expanding its talent pool while attracting investors. This session delved into the establishment of a robust biopharmaceutical ecosystem, catering to both local and international talents, businesses, and investors.

Kantify's contribution

In the second session, titled "Innovation: Belgium Leading the Way in Pioneering the Biopharma Sector," Ségolène Martin, CEO of Kantify, took the stage alongside other industry leaders to share insights into the groundbreaking work her company is doing in AI-driven target and small molecule discovery. The panel included:

Moderator: David GERING, Communications Director Pharma.be.


  • Jamila LOUAHED, Vice President, Head of Vaccines Global Research and Development, GSK Belgium.

  • Peter PEUMANS, Chief Technology Officer Health and Senior Fellow, IMEC.

  • Ségolène MARTIN, CEO, Kantify.

  • Hugues MALONNE, CEO, the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP).

We were happy to reemphasize how Kantify's groundbreaking contributions aligned with Belgium's ambitions in the biopharmaceutical sector, emphasizing the country's commitment to cutting-edge technologies and advancements in biotechnology.

Other conference speakers

Many distinguished speakers shared statements and contributions at the conference, illustrating the high level of support of Belgium to the biopharmaceutical sector.

  • Hadja LAHBIB, Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Jeroen COOREMAN, Ambassador
  • Pierre VAN DAMME, Professor
  • Tineke VAN HOOLAND, Secretary General bio.be/essenscia
  • Michela RITONDO, International Tax Expert
  • Frédéric DRUCK, Chairman of aptaskil and Chairman of EU Biotech Campus
  • Laurence ANDRIANNE, Senior HR Director and Global Head of Talent Development
  • Frank ARNAUTS, Ambassador and Senior Coordinator for the Future of Europe
  • Jan VAN DER GOTEN, Chairman Health Science & Technology Group, HST. Head of the Janssen Pharmaceutica Campus

As Belgium continues to assert itself as a leader in health and biotechnology, as the 2nd European country in terms of clinical trials per inhabitant, it is key to showcase the nation's achievements, attracting global attention, and fostering collaborations that drive innovation. With a commitment to excellence, Belgium is poised to make significant strides in the ever-evolving landscape of biopharmaceuticals.

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