Poster at ESMO : AI for target and drug discovery in sarcoma

Kantify will share its latest results on rapid identification of novel targets and polypharmacological compounds for liposarcoma treatment, thanks to AI
Mon 11 Mar 2024

Our Chief Technology Officer Nik Subramanian and our partner Dr Maya Jeitany are attending the ESMO 2024 Congress on sarcoma and rare cancer this week in Lugano.

Poster presentation

Kantify has actually been selected to display a poster on Using AI to break new ground in oncological drug discovery: Rapid identification of novel targets and polypharmacological compounds for effective liposarcoma treatment.

Liposarcoma (LPS) is a rare and aggressive soft tissue cancer, which lacks effective treatment options. Traditional drug discovery methods have been largely ineffective against LPS.

A paradigm shift in sarcoma drug discovery

We will present how we have run a pilot study where we have used our AI technology Sapian to predict targets and repurposable compounds for Liposarcoma.

This study resulted in:

  • The validation of several novel therapeutic targets in LPS.

  • An unprecedented hit rate (∼77%) with seven compounds demonstrating significant efficacy in reducing LPS cell viability, with IC50 ranging from 1.5uM to nM scales. This method's efficiency far exceeds traditional drug repurposing rates.

The total timeline for the project was only 4 months, from AI predictions to wet lab validations.

Our study represents a paradigm shift in cancer treatment discovery, employing advanced AI algorithms to identify novel druggable targets and predict compounds with polypharmacological potential for cancer therapy.

Get in touch

As this approach holds potential for LPS and other rare cancers, we are extremely excited to share our results with the oncology, patient, and biopharma community.

If you plan to attend ESMO, or if you cannot attend but want to learn more, feel free to reach out to us, we will make sure to find a moment to exchange. Send us an email through the below form.