Nicolas Maignan appointed Chief Operating Officer of Kantify

Announcement: Nicolas Maignan is officially appointed COO of Kantify
Tue 19 Mar 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Mr Nicolas Maignan has joined the Kantify Executive Team in quality of Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Nicolas joined Kantify almost at company inception. He holds a masters degree in Engineering from Institut National Polytechnique of Grenoble. Nicolas has successfully been coordinating many of our technology developments and drug discovery projects, and his appointment to this new role further strengthens Kantify's ability to use AI to significantly advance the discovery of drug for serious diseases.

“Nicolas combines intelligence, eagerness to learn, personal integrity, and many more skills and values that we immensely appreciate and make him a core pillar and motor of Kantify.” Ségolène Martin, Kantify CEO

Join us in congratulating Nicolas Maignan for this well deserved milestone!