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Discover how Artificial Intelligence can be used in the discovery and design of Targeted Protein Degraders.
Mon 02 May 2022

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About this event

Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) refers to the use of heterobifunctional small molecule "Degraders", such as PROTACĀ® Degraders, to achieve knockdown of target proteins within cells.

Targeted Protein Degradation is a promising and fast evolving field where the challenges are numerous: discovering and designing safe TPDs is particularly complex, risky and costly.

At a time when the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence are growing at a very fast pace, is AI able to accelerate the discovery and development of TPDs?

This is the question we have asked to Kantify's Chief Technology Officer Nik Subramanian. As an expert in Machine Learning for drug discovery, Nik will explain during this webinar how Artificial Intelligence can be used to tackle some of the challenges of TPD.

Date and time

8 September 2022, 9.00 am Pacific Time - 18.00 pm CET


9.00 : Start of the webinar

9.30 : Q&A

9.45 : End of the webinar.


Academia, biotech companies, pharma companies, CROs


This webinar has passed. Contact us for a talk on AI for degraders.